Bmw E Series Pcf7945 868mhz Remote PCB OEM


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This is an OEM Remote PCB for E Series Smart. (Original)

Transponder: Pcf7945
Frequency: 868mhz
Buttons: 3 Buttons

You can use this product to repair with chancing Pcf7945, if your customer key has broken remote board Pcb Situation.
By this means, you dont have to reprogram it again!
You can reprogram it with using Remote Case BMRC05 and Rechargable Battery CRCAS3 for;

Compatible Vehicle:
BMW 1 Series (E81/E87/E88) 2005-2011 
BMW 3 Series (E90/E91/E92/E93) 2006-2011
BMW 5 Series (E60/E61) 2005-2010
BMW X5 (E70) 10.2006-2008 
BMW Z Series (E89) 2012


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